19 Oct

A Brief Summary of Getty Footage

Getty Images is one of the most successful stock media sites in the market. Many creative professionals dream of experiencing its services. Before, it is a luxury for small businesses and novice creatives to access the stock site’s library. All that has changed now – thanks to Ultrapacks. Because of these bulk item packs at discounted prices, you can finally download premium Getty footage.

Currently, Getty Images has the richest collection of footage in the market. With over 200 million stock content, you have a lot to choose from. The stock site recently merged with Corbis Motion. If you are a Corbis member, you will be happy to know that your footage world have become bigger. Whether you are looking for commercial-ready videos or editorial films, you will surely find it.

Here is a brief summary about Getty footage:

  • Getty Images has a huge collection of footage. It has over 50,000 hours of film.
  • It offers commercial and editorial usage clips.
  • You have an amazing archive collection to explore.
  • High profile media partners such as BBC Motion and National Geographic films are available, too.
  • You can purchase royalty-free videos or get an additional license.
  • Only need one image? No problem. Get the a la carte
  • Have larger creative needs? Purchase videos via Ultrapacks.
  • Getty’s pricing range vary according to amounts of rights needed, clip size and resolution.
  • It has a well-organized and highly searchable library.
  • Additional media content are also available in stock site, including stills and images.

Save time and money with a la carte and Ultrapacks when you purchase Getty footage. Getty Images is a very popular company to buy videos. It is chosen by big brands, advertisers and broadcasters for reasons listed above. If you want to save on your purchases and complete your projects faster, get a Getty Images coupon now!

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